Reflecting on Lessons & Life in Animation with Chris Wieme

Reflecting on Lessons & Life in Animation with Chris Wieme

Chris Wieme is an incredibly capable and efficient animator, and he has carved out a lifelong career in 2D animation in central and western Canada. In this episode Chris talks about some of the key lessons he's learned as an animator. For anyone embarking on a career...

Animating From Saskatoon to Kelowna with Chris Wieme

Canadian animator Chris Wieme trained in animation and fashioned an early career in the most unlikely of places: the prairie provinces of Canada. Yet his work is as strong as any who have trained at the more prestigious animation schools or worked at the bigger...

John Stobart’s Worldscape

Maritime painter John Stobart is not just a legendary painter, he's a capable and inspiring teacher. In fact, it was John's Worldscape series that encouraged me to "get out and paint," as he was fond of saying. Painting outdoors is both terrifying and overwhelming if...

The Steadfast Animator – Phil Lockerby Part 2

Phil Lockerby has managed to carve out a long and successful career as a character animation outside of Hollywood. And though he has long distinquished himself in animation, he still works hard to grow in his craft, and can find child-like joy in the little things of...


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