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Hi! Our house is full of easels, oil paint, film equipment, and animation tables, because we all create. Yep, every single one of us. Come on in…


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by Melissa

Cinematic Revolution of the French New Wave with Richard Neupert

Cinematic Revolution of the French New Wave with Richard Neupert

Bazin. Truffault. Godard. Varda.  What do they all have in common? They were part of the French New Wave. What are they doing on this podcast? Plenty. All creatives can learn from the the audacity of their convictions that created a movement that changed cinematic...

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Looney Tunes Have Returned

Looney Tunes Have Returned

 Anyone who grew up in my era remembers Saturday morning cartoons.  Even back then we knew that Bugs Bunny was the best, back before the cheap animation coming from overseas was available on a myriad of channels. Give me Warner Brothers and 3 working channels back in...

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Looney Tunes reboot will premiere at Annecy

Looney Tunes reboot will premiere at Annecy

Looney Tunes returns! It has been a dream to be part of the effort working with the talented team at Warner Bros to bring the Looney Tunes characters back to life at animation shop Tonic DNA in Montreal. With producer Howard Huxham, our core team of animators brought...

John Stobart’s Worldscape

Maritime painter John Stobart is not just a legendary painter, he's a capable and inspiring teacher. In fact, it was John's Worldscape series that encouraged me to "get out and paint," as he was fond of saying. Painting outdoors is both terrifying and overwhelming if...

The Stobart Foundation

Maritime painter John Stobart created The Stobart Foundation with Kensington Stobart Gallery to help young artists make the strongest transition from art education to a professional career. Stobart recognizes the unique needs of that period in an artist's development,...

Green Eggs and Ham Coming to Netflix this Fall  Green Eggs and Ham animated series is coming to Netflix this November. Produced by Ellen Degeneres. Voice talent includes Adam Devine and Michael Douglas. I worked on this project with Michael Greenholt on episodes 6 and 8. The story is a...

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