The following 9 shots won’t look like they were taken in the same area, but oh, how they were. I wasn’t looking for it, but I was lucky enough to find it. The perfect picture spot.

It has a seawall with a groovy backdrop for a cousin band cover shoot.

Trees border the seawall, and their leaves create amazing bokeh for headshots.

Next to the seawall is an Old English street with wood detail.

And on that street are gaslight streetlamps, perfect for when your friends ask for a Christmas card shot.

Just up the street from the gas lamps is a wading river…

With a waterfall in the distance.

And next to the waterfall is a bridge to take downward shots.

Now, this may blow your mind, but the following scene was captured merely yards away.

This is the abandoned paper mill that sits beside the river. Or a creepy zombie set. works either way.  There’s one last surprise.  We’d been coming to this area for a couple of years before we ventured up the hill and into the parking lot of an interesting church. We couldn’t see it from the street so we weren’t sure if it would pay off.

Bingo!  The church paid off bigtime. It even had enclaves!

I love shooting in enclaves!  If you don’t have an enclave in your life, please find one.

 My magic picture spot has never let me down.   The more you shoot, the more your eye naturally gravitates toward great places to shoot but I hit the jackpot with this one. Next time you’re out and about, take a gander.  Let me know what you find, zombie sets and all!