Hello Wilderness. What do you have for us today? 



Ah, yes. Sketchbooks and watercolors.  It’s our weekend trek to the country. Agenda: capturing beauty on canvas in real time, real light, and real quick before the light changes.

They paint.


They whack.


They throw.



Some find creepy outbuildings and peer in.


Some go in.


Tristan, this is a painting trip, not a climb-into-crumbling-buildings-and-die trip.

Will he make it out alive?


With style.

Tristan, I just realized I forget to ask you,  how did your sketch turn out?


Lesson number one: If your watercolor sketch fails, grab what you can and create anyway. There are a hundred bad sketches to get out before you arrive at the ones that are worth it. I’m not sure if the same principle applies to building twig cabins in the woods.

I’ll leave you with….


A girl and her dog. Because that’s all that really matters anyway.