Many Saturdays we set out in a general direction, but without really knowing what’s waiting at the other end. It’s always a delightful surprise.


I shouldn’t say always a delightful surprise. Sometimes there’s waiting involved, and park benches not-in-the-shade.


Sometimes there is a cool historic house…

With no way to get inside.


But for the most part, we stumble upon something wonderful and paint-worthy. Then we set up shop and get down to work.


Sometimes we attract attention.  Most people think we’re a class and are surprised to find out we’re a family. There’s something inviting about seeing a group of painters outside. You are drawn to the canvas and just have to see what’s on the other side.


So if you see us, come and say hello!  Even if some of us are in the trees, we really are approachable, I promise.



You can see what’s on all those easels.


Up close.




We won’t bite.