If you look closely at this innocent still-life set up in our backyard, you will see something not just still, but dead.  The rubber gloves might have been a clue.


She found this poor, little, dead bird in our yard, and after a brief moment of sorrow, immediately hit upon an excellent use for a dead bird. Anatomy!


Our kids have been drawing outside since they were little. I think I saw the idea in a Charlotte Mason homeschooling book. 


And since we live in Canada, where snow covers the ground 1/2 the year, all the more reason to grab your art supplies when flowers and color come to life again.


Lest you think I’m a Super Mom for having my prodigy do such things, just remember there is also chocolate milk involved. Why are my kids drinking chocolate milk next to dead birds? Why is this okay? 


Clearly, we didn’t spend near enough time on microbiology. 

If you can let them draw from life  (or death as the case may be) the lessons learned about anatomy will follow them to the grave.  (Heh-heh. Heh.) (Aww, I kill me.)