Look at this gorgeous landscape. We came, we saw, it screamed at us to get out of the car and paint.


And then our screams drove the local wildlife away.


But we were on a mission, to catch the changing light before it changed for good. My job was easy, snap, snap, snap, and I had all this beauty captured in my camera, but could she do it? On canvas?


Oh, look!  The heron is back!  Kiki, do you want to paint a heron?

Two herons? A heron and an egret?

Hush, mother dear, you’re ruining my concentration. I’m trying to capture the changing light!


Just as a side note, can you see a dog in the picture? She’s almost camouflaged in the shadows. Sadly, Daisy did not make it into the final product. 


Just one little dab here, another little dab there, and…


She’s done. This plein air study will help her complete a full-scale painting in the studio. She’ll be able to use the photographs I shot today.


Most of the photos, anyway. No, Daisy, she will not be painting any promotional portraits of algae-snuffling doggies!