We’re painting on the Fair Day river and Greyson is in fine form capturing every step.

He’ll stand wherever he dern well has to stand to get the shot.

As long as there is a rock beneath his feet and he’s not wading out into the water. Actually, he WOULD wade out if he had the proper equipment. Today was not that day.


Today was a day for everyone to find the view they liked best, and  to try to capture that view on canvas.

Scatter, everyone, scatter!  There’s only so much light before the sun goes down.

Tristan is hard at work by the shore. He’s painting in a limited palette of black and white and is almost done.

McKenna’s study is nearly there. She’s eyeing it speculatively. It’s that painter’s tilt to the head being modeled here.

Oh dear, that’s another gesture I recognize, the consolation pat. Poor Sawyer, it must not be going very well. That’s okay! There are 100 bad paintings to get out before you get to good one. It’s all a learning process.

His canvas, wiped clean. His face, not happy.

The lesson today is, it’s okay to fail. It’s normal. You’ll keep on going and soon there will come a day when all that work pays off.

We’ll be here for you, buddy. No matter what you find on your canvas.