Sam Cabanac is a young animator who I’ve had the pleasure to watch blossom into a senior level animator within a remarkably short period of time. In this edition of Conversations of Creatives, Sam shares with us his artistic development in childhood, his influences, his first job, and his thoughts about “talent.” This is part 1 of a 2 part podcast with Sam.

Sam came out of school with the highest degree of animation skill I’ve seen among graduates of any animation program, and one of my goals in this conversation was to uncover what teaching strategies were being used in the animation program at the superb Cegep Vieux Montreal.


1:03 – Sam’s childhood as a developing artist in a creative family.

7:20 – Schooling at Cegep Vieux Montreal.

10:55 – Books of influence.

13:45 – The problem with “talent.”

16:15 – Animated film in Cegep.

18:13 – How Sam got his first job.

19:38 – The magic sauce of Cegep Vieux Montreal’s animation program.

20:18 – Animating thinking characters.

27:37 – Working on a variety of projects.

29:12 – The problem with being too precious about your work.


Drawn to Life by Walt Stanchfield

Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard’s Williams

Drawing from Life by George Williams

100 Tuesday Tips by Norm & Griz

Cegep Vieux Montreal


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