It’s rare that I do a logo anymore, but I was recently asked to do one and catalogued the progress. The company is DGC Consulting, which is an accounting firm that specializes in custom programming to provide solutions for it’s clients. The request was that the design communicate both accounting and programming.

First step for any logo, or any work of art for that matter (at least it should be) is to make pages of thumbnail sketches.

From this point I start working out my best ideas in Photoshop, always working in black and white before thinking about color. Every logo must work as a black and white silhouette.  Before I go crazy with designs I settle on 6 different ideas to see if I’m moving toward the client’s expectation.

The client was happy with the first design on the above page, so my next step is to do some variations on the favored design.

With these variations the client had a hard time deciding what design to choose. In my experience, if they don’t find something new they like better the first choice is the best one.

With the design chosen now it’s time for color. And that’s the making of a logo.