Sam Cabanac is a young animator of great skill, and it’s been my joy to work with Sam and watch his exponential growth. In this second part of my conversation with Sam we talk about how he uses social media to network, how he met his hero Glen Keane, and how young animators need to be humble learners when they are welcomed onto an animation team and use every opportunity to grow in their craft. Sam is an ideal demonstration of the skills graduates of art and animation programs leave school with, and the character and disposition they need to cultivate when they enter the work force. One day we may very well see Sam Cabanac become the Glen Keane of his generation. I won’t be surprised. SAM RECOMMENDS Drawn to Life by Walt Stanchfield Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard’s Williams Drawing from Life by George Williams 100 Tuesday Tips by Norm & Griz Cegep Vieux Montreal   Follow Sam on his Instagram Listen to part 1 of my conversation with Sam. FIND OUR PODCAST ON THESE CHANNELS: Apple Podcasts | Anchor | YouTube | Spotify | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | Radio Public | Pocket Casts | Breaker | Cast Box