Maritime painter John Stobart is not just a legendary painter, he’s a capable and inspiring teacher. In fact, it was John’s Worldscape series that encouraged me to “get out and paint,” as he was fond of saying.

Painting outdoors is both terrifying and overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. First, there’ s the equipment and supplies, the changing light, and the passersby who gander at the mess on your canvas.

John takes all of these things in stride and walks you through every step, from organizing your palette and stretching your canvas, and how to make the best of a change in light.

John also invites a number of his painter friends to join him on his excursions, and you get to see how different artists see the same subject in different ways.

This is a brilliant instructional series. When I first started painting I must have watched these dozens of times and wore out the VHS tapes. Yes, they came out during the VHS era, but they are timeless.

I highly recommend these DVD’s to you.

You can find them at the Kensington Stobart Gallery, and tell them you heard about them at Shaffer Creative.

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