Bazin. Truffault. Godard. Varda.  What do they all have in common? They were part of the French New Wave. What are they doing on this podcast? Plenty. All creatives can learn from the the audacity of their convictions that created a movement that changed cinematic history. The French New Wave was a revolutionary force that should never have happened. When the movement started, it was unwanted, it was resisted, it was criticized, it was in French, it had every reason to fail on the world stage. Yet it changed the cinema, and it’s impact is still being felt today. 

My guest in this episode has written one of the most lively, insightful and readable books on the French New Wave, titled A History of the French New Wave. He’s the Wheatly Professor of the Arts at the Univerity of Georgia, teaching film history and theory. His name is Professor Richard Neupert. 

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