Anyone who grew up in my era remembers Saturday morning cartoons.  Even back then we knew that Bugs Bunny was the best, back before the cheap animation coming from overseas was available on a myriad of channels. Give me Warner Brothers and 3 working channels back in 1972 any day!   

 Somebody, somewhere, made an excellent decision and Bugs Bunny is returning.  Yep, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck and the whole gang survive in a Warner Bros. reboot.  If you’d told me back when I was 8 years old that I would one day marry the dude that brought these guys back to life, I would have thought you’d been hit on the head with an anvil. But 200+ shorts are planned and 20-30 are now completed, many by Todd and the creative team at Tonic DNA studios. The video you see above, “Dynamite Dance” is the first they’ve worked on, with many more to come.

In the Shaffer Creative podcast Todd interviews many of his key animators: Alain Seguin, Guillaume Blackburn, Phil Lockerby, Chris Wieme and Sam Cabanac.

You can read more about these shorts at Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Cartoon Brew