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W e didn’t think about intentionally passing on creativity to our children in the early days. We were just trying to hang on and make sure they all survived. It may have been inevitable as they watched Todd draw and paint, went to work with him at the animation studio, or watched me teach an acting class. Each one found their niche and started creating on their own. It didn’t strike us as unusual until Greyson’s film professor asked, “You mean you ALL do art? EVERY single one of you? You should make a film about your family.”

That film never came to light, but this website did. Here you will find the story of us, six creatives pursuing their passion: one canvas, one photo, one film at a time.

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Plein air painting on the Richelieu River near Chambly

McKenna Shaffer


McKenna has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. Early on, she mastered humor and movement which is a winning combination. She is a Painting and Drawing Major at Concordia University with a Minor in Animation.

See McKenna’s work here >

Greyson Shaffer


Dedicated, loyal, and hardworking, Greyson is an asset on any film set. He’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done, even spending hours at sub-zero temperatures. His passion lies in expressing his world view. He is a Film Major at Concordia University.

See Greyson’s work here >

Tristan Shaffer


Unlike most artists new to oil painting, Tristan did not flounder. He came out of the gate with a bang. Digital art and character design are his specialities. He is a senior in high school.

See Tristans work here >

Sawyer Shaffer


Sawyer’s greatest strength is perseverance. In skateboarding it was falling 100 times until the trick was right. In art it’s the desire to be as good as Disney’s ” Nine Old Men” that will keep him animating for hours. He is a sophomore in high school.

See Sawyer’s work here >

Melissa Shaffer



“On the left is a renowned Italian composer, on the right a Broadway star. And in the middle is me, a mom, my first and favorite job. But you never know where God is going to take a mom.”

See Melissa’s work here >

Todd Shaffer


Todd is an animation director having worked on hundreds of commercials, television shows, and feature films.  He has written and directed two of his own films, The Promise: Birth of the Messiah and Prodigal The Musical to be released in 2019. His creative endeavors have branched into screenwriting, painting and lyric writing.

See Todd’s work here >

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